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Best damansara utama condo for sale in Malaysia

Check the surroundings of the accommodation such as damansara utama condo to identify positive and negative aspects in the vicinity, such as the presence of green areas, public transport, supermarkets, parking lots, easily accessible roads or perhaps noisy activities such as night clubs and meeting places or factories.

If it is a damansara utama condo for sale, meet the administrator, to read the condominium regulations and learn about any restrictions, to get a picture of the condominium expenses to be incurred and the payment situation for their takeover in fact, whoever takes over the purchase of a house, by law is jointly and severally obliged with the previous owner to pay the expenses for the current and previous year. The floor plan of the house must correspond to that registered at the office, except for any building amnesties in progress. One of the first checks is to verify the existence of mortgages , liens, easements on the property such as Damansara Utama property at the registry office, land registry and property registry.

Summary of tips and tricks

  • Choose your home calmly can be the expense of your life.
  • Explore carefully inside, out and the surroundings.
  • Check the house documents.
  • Ask about the seller.
  • Verify the professionalism of the intermediary real estate agent.
  • Read carefully what you sign.
  • Do not sign what you are not sure you understand the meaning of.
  • Pay a minimum deposit and keep a paid receipt.
  • Spend as little time as possible from the contract to the deed.
  • Keep a cleared receipt of the balance to be always made out to the seller.
  • Contact your lawyer and trusted notary.

Don’t forget that:

Negotiate with a real estate agent for the purchase of a house even if having signed nothing can result in the obligation to pay the commission even for those advertisements that you find on real estate portals or real estate magazines.

  • If a real estate agent accompanies you to visit a house and then, subsequently concludes the purchase even without his intervention, a commission may be due.
  • Once you have entered into a compromise through the real estate agency, even if you then renounce the purchase, the commission may be due.
  • The commission is due only to agents regularly registered in the register.
  • If you sell a house and give a mandate to more than one agency, be careful they could still request a commission even without having made the sale. 

ConclusionYour advisor (craftsman, construction expert or Buyer Advisor) will look at the home with professional eyes, and is not emotionally involved. The professional approach gives you a “second opinion”, and thus gives you an even better basis for starting a negotiation. At the same time, use the adviser’s assessment of the home, especially the home’s faults and shortcomings in connection with the price negotiation. For more articles like this one, click here.