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Grocery List: Fruits Edition


Sick of snacking on Potato chips while working on your mlm software development?

Check out these fruits that you need to stock up on, cut, and prepare for yourself. Most of us are working from home and barely getting any movements to remain active. Elevate and improve your diets with these fruits. 

  1. Banana

Banana, the best source of vitamin B9 and vitamin C, makes the fruit the best fruit for smoother skin and a healthier body. They tend to run higher on calories but still considered a low caloric fruit for your diet and absolutely delicious in your smoother. whether you are making your morning protein shake or even sugar-free pancakes, include a banana in there and bless your tastebuds. The natural sweetness and the creaminess of the bananas make the perfect sweetener for your drinks and desserts. 

Also another pro-tip, freeze your bananas. Once frozen whip them up in the blender and get a low caloric, sweet and creamy ice cream. For extra flavor topped it with peanut butter or some berries. 

  1. Rambutan 

Rich in vitamin C and fiber, they are similar to what we find in fruits like peaches, oranges, and grapefruit. They are a wonderful addition to our diet for healthy skin and body. Rambutan is a great aid in your weight loss journey, and also promotes digestion. Studies also have shown their power in fighting and reducing cancer cells, hence decreasing your risk of cancer. Don’t forget about this spiky yet sweet fruit in your next grocery round. 

  1. Durian 

This unique tropical fruit, a nightmare to some but it truly is the king of fruits in Southeast Asia. Durian is incredibly high on nutrients and is considered a fruit with the highest nutrients and antioxidants in the world. This fruit has been proven to neutralize cancer cells, reduce the risk of heart disease and lower our blood sugar. It also does help that it has a wonderful taste too. 

  1. Honeydew Melon 

With high levels of potassium and low sodium content, this fruit is key to fighting high blood pressure. The combination of folate, manganese, and vitamin K in the fruit they are vital for our bone strength and health as time progresses. 

When we think of honeydew melon, we also think of the high content of water in the fruit. This makes the perfect fruit to rehydrate yourself as the fruit contains about 90% of water and it is rich in electrolytes consisting of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. 

  1. Pineapple 

Delicious, low in calories, and amazingly sweet, this is the fruit for your sweet tooth. This fruit makes the perfect combination with many other fruits as well. And it is the perfect companion for your drink. Pineapple has a lot of proven health benefits. Some of them include improved digestion, lowered risk of cancer, and aids in your weight loss journey. They also help you in your painful journey with arthritis. 

Fruits are an important part of our diet that we often neglect. Take your time to experiment with various fruits and draw out your favorite fruits. Fruits are essential in maintaining your weight, gut health and fighting off infections. They build up our immune system and preserve our health. 

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