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Online casino and the rise of popularity in gambling

Gambling is a common form of entertainment as it provides a thrill to players who know that they are able to gain more money than they start with while at the risk of leaving the table empty handed. Because of this, gambling is considered illegal in most countries if it is not regulated and supervised by the appropriate authorities. Islamic countries such as Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan established a law called Sharia law which enforces the teaching of the Quran that forbids gambling and delivers a heavier punishment than the Gambling Act 2005. However, Malaysia, despite being an Islamic country, has legal gambling sites around the country due to Chinese and Indian makes up for most of the population after Muslims. 

Casino de Genting, or Sky Casino depending on your preference, is the only judi slot Malaysia has acknowledged its operations since it got its approval to legally operate since its first establishment and the government allows it to continue operating until today as long as they are abiding by the law and carrying out proper procedures. With many visitors from both local and international backgrounds coming to Genting Highlands for its amusement parks and other entertainments, the casino offers another gateway for adults to spend their time during their free time while being supervised and regulated by the authorities of the casino. Although they could not get as many visitors as before during the pandemic, Casino de Genting is adapting to the changes by developing and improving on their online casino website to allow their loyal members gamble at the comfort of their seats in their homes. 

Online casino websites are becoming more trending in recent years due to how convenient it is to access the casino’s services as most of the online casinos offer a variety of ways to convert their money into in-game credits, attracting more gamblers from overseas while providing bonuses for using their websites more often. One of the most prominent features of online casinos is the ability to offer bonuses for their loyal users as they would provide free in-game credits for gamblers the more often they log into their websites and encourage them to gamble for a longer period of time. Most online casinos also have their own apps that are free to download on iOS and Android smartphones which provides even more accessibility to their services as gamblers are able to continue their activities even during their breaks on working days. In a normal circumstance, gamblers and illegal gambling sites would be raided by police force and are susceptible to the laws depending on their race. However, online casino websites provide a safe haven for gamblers whose countries prohibit gambling as the law will not affect gamblers who gamble in websites that legalize gambling in overseas.

Online gambling is becoming more common among the public especially during COVID-19 when people who are stuck at home are seeking entertainment and with the nature of online gambling, it is easy for these people to get into gambling and possibly develop an addiction.

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